About Us

Karma Links Jewellery bridges the gap between feel-good and look-good jewellery. It is a collection of trendy and uplifting jewellery with a bohemian flair. Gemstones paired with sterling silver symbol charms create beautiful pieces that are to be worn alone or generously layered for more stunning look. This ever-evolving jewellery line draws inspirations from contemporary and effortless design, vibrant colours and empowering meaning associated with gemstones and symbols. All limited editions as we are constantly adding to and updating our jewellery line.

Originally from Finland, the founder, Nina Pahlman relocated to Hong Kong in 2006. Coming from a family of artists and craftsmen, she grew up early on with a passion to arts, photography, fashion and colours. In 2012, she began creating and crafting jewellery and Karma Links jewellery line was born soon after. In her designs, she employs the use of natural materials handpicked from all over the world to create casual yet beautiful pieces for everyday wear. She has earned a Master of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration.